With climate change on everyone’s minds, businesses are looking to protect their assets both today and into the future.

As the world heats up, the business of protecting built assets against physical climate risk has never been hotter. Across the globe, major banks, financial institutions and ratings agencies are scrambling to protect their investments, turning to climate experts to understand the physical effects of climate change on their business operations.

For Adelaide-based XDI, business is booming. The company has nearly tripled its workforce in the past 12 months. “We had 10 staff at this same time a year ago and are pushing up to 28 now. We don’t expect that growth rate to ease off any time soon,” says Rohan Hamden, XDI CEO.

“I can’t understate just how hot this sector is globally. Our company and our competitors are valued extremely highly. Moody’s made a $2 billion acquisition of a company to set up a business to do climate financial risk management – you don’t spend $2 billion if you don’t think this is an enormous growth sector. It’s almost the dot.com era of growth.”

Hamden and his team use technology and data to supply data on the impacts of climate change on built infrastructure around the world. “From a street pole to a high rise, we can tell you how climate change will impact it, when it will happen and what you can do to fix it.”

XDI’s presence at the Stone & Chalk Startup Hub is reaping rewards. “We already have purchase agreements with 2 companies here from parallel sectors, so we are benefiting from the diversity and scale of the businesses in growing our own business,” he says.

Sourced from The Advertiser’s website: Companies seek experts to assess impacts of climate change to their business operations