Supporting Aboriginal innovation, entrepreneurship, and employment, The Circle – First Nations Entrepreneur Hub offers a physical and virtual platform for South Australian Aboriginal-owned businesses.

Supporting a growing Aboriginal business sector, The Circle will link business owners to global and local companies, entrepreneurs and innovators and support through increased capacity, capability and confidence.

The Hub’s Lot Fourteen location also ensures a strong business connection with the Aboriginal Art and Cultures Centre, which is scheduled to open early 2025.

The Circle will leverage the Aboriginal Art and Cultures Centre Economic Participation Plan and make connections for its members from design and construction, through to operation and maintenance.

The Circle will also be a destination to help corporates, local businesses and employers looking to engage First Nations businesses in their supply chains or to employ First Nations Australians.

Tony Coppins, Director, Totem WiFi says that The Circle is a great place to build connections.

“The Circle offers us that support mechanism to reach and find out about opportunities.

“The introductions we’ve already had via The Circle have been a quantum leap for our business.

“We’re looking forward to getting in front of like-minded business owners and potential angel investors, clients and partners at Lot Fourteen.”

The Circle has been established in partnership with the Australian Government and the Government of South Australia, under the Adelaide City Deal.

Sourced from Lot Fourteen’s website: First Nations Entrepreneur Hub opens at Lot Fourteen