Public schools, preschools and music organisations across South Australia have received a share of almost $300,000 in grants to support innovative music education initiatives.

hand playing piano

A total of 52 grants were delivered as part of the third round of grants from the Music Innovation Fund – a key initiative of the State Government’s Music Education Strategy.

The Fund helps introduce and enhance the delivery of music in public schools and preschools by increasing exposure to music learning and improving teaching capability.

Funding assists schools and preschools to purchase equipment such as instruments and technology, develop and improve music programs, and engage with music organisations and access valuable music programs.

Kalaya Children’s Centre in Port Adelaide, for example, is using the financial support to introduce a ‘Musician in Residence’ program, which will see a music education expert deliver weekly music sessions and shareable insights to students and parents, ultimately enabling staff and the broader education community to confidently introduce music into early years learning.

Education Minister John Gardner said the Government was committed to delivering best practice music education for children and young people.

“Music education is so important for the social, behavioural and academic development of children and young people. It develops thinking and learning skills and enhances wellbeing and inclusion,” said Minister Gardner.

“We are now heading into the third year of the Government’s Music Education Strategy, and it is great to see our schools and preschools placing such importance on delivering quality music education.

“The Music Innovation Fund is helping schools and preschools to create accessible programs, build community partnerships and develop innovation to enhance music education for all.

“Supporting best practice music education in schools and preschools goes beyond new instruments. It is about making sure educators and students have access to quality resources and expertise to build confidence in music teaching and learning.

“We want everyone involved in our children and young people’s learning to understand the understand the value of music education and this investment plays a significant role in this.”

Sourced from the Premier of South Australia’s website: Funding in tune with accessible music education where the full list of grant recipients is available.