Showcasing a mix of art, technology and innovation, this year’s inaugural Illuminate Adelaide event aims to light up the city – and provide a beacon for visitors.

LED lights across two peoples faces

A dazzling new light will shine on the heart of Adelaide this July with the arrival of an inaugural winter festival guaranteed to warm hearts and chase the chills away. From July 16 to August 1, the city will glow with entertainment as Illuminate Adelaide brings a blend of art, innovation and technology to the festival state, transforming city streets, laneways and buildings with a mix of light, art installations, immersive technology, music, performance and ideas.

Created in partnership with the State Government, Illuminate Adelaide is the perfect fusion of technology and creativity, offering artists the chance to showcase their extraordinary talents – and the rest of the country the opportunity to see the amazing future technologies innovation that has gained South Australia recognition on the global stage.

“Here in South Australia, there is so much extraordinary work happening and so many talented and incredible innovators in the areas of future technologies, arts and creative industries,” says Rachael Azzopardi, the former deputy executive director of Adelaide Festival who is compiling the program for Illuminate Adelaide alongside Lee Cumberlidge, co-founder of Tasmania’s successful MONA FOMA.

Azzopardi and Cumberlidge are working with cultural, academic and science institutions in curating the wintertime extravaganza, which will include both ticketed and free events featuring local artists and businesses and the state’s own entrepreneurial community, as well as national and international makers. The over-arching concept is to present an engaging new winter experience.

“It’s about taking over the CBD with a big program of light, art and technology,” Cumberlidge says.

“Rachael and I have been inspired by some of the amazing developments that have been happening in SA in the future technologies, energy sector and creative industries. We’re looking to develop something unique that will draw on what the city is all about. We wanted to go a lot deeper into art and technology and where those two areas intersect.

For artistic royalty Azzopardi and Cumberlidge, having the opportunity to create Illuminate Adelaide from the ground up has been something of a career dream come true.

“It’s a great privilege for Lee and I to create something new,” Azzopardi says.

“We’re both very proud South Australians, so to actually kick it off here is doubly special for us. We’re hoping all the people of South Australia and beyond come out in winter and enjoy it.”

Sourced from Future Adelaide