South Australians in public housing are being offered the chance to join a world-first program that provides them with a free home battery and slashes their electricity bills without needing to have a solar system installed on their roof.

Solar panels on roof

South Australia is an international leader when it comes to the installation of roof top solar and home batteries, and Phase 3 of the SA Virtual Power Plant (VPP) will see home batteries and solar systems installed in another 3,000 supported properties, taking to 4,100 the total number of homes.

In addition to the 4,100 home batteries with solar, in a world first, 20 Housing SA residents will enjoy the cheaper electricity a battery in a VPP delivers without needing to have a solar system installed.

“This is a revolutionary trial, which could be a game changer for the thousands of South Australians who can’t benefit from solar power, and the latest example of South Australia’s international leadership on home batteries,” said the South Australian Government Minister for Energy and Mining.

“If successful, this trial could be extended to properties that are otherwise unable to host solar.

“Twenty-nine per cent of all home batteries installed in Australia last year were installed in South Australia, due to the programs run by the South Australian Government.

“Tesla will use the plentiful supply of renewable electricity generated by South Australian’s world-leading uptake of roof top solar to charge the batteries for the evening peak when the sun sets.”

Phase 3 is being delivered through $10 million from the South Australian Government, $8 million from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), $18 million from Tesla and a $30 million loan from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).

The Minister for Energy and Mining said, “the SA VPP and Home Battery Scheme have propelled South Australia to the highest per capita rollout of home batteries in the world.”

“South Australia is on track to achieve 100 per cent net-renewables by 2030 with the surge on household solar systems and home batteries making a significant contribution to that outcome.

“The South Australian Government is delivering cheaper and cleaner electricity to South Australian households and businesses through its sensible energy policies that are managing the transition to 100 per cent net-renewables by 2030.

“South Australia is heading towards having over 20,000 home batteries installed – growing even larger than the big battery at Hornsdale. South Australians are proud of leading the world with our carefully planned embrace of renewable energy, and the South Australian Government’s policies are making power more secure, affordable and clean.”

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Sourced from the Department for Energy and Mining website: No solar, no worries! World leading home battery deal