South Australia is leading the way when it comes to liveable metropolitan areas across Australia, with a national survey voting Adelaide City and the Adelaide Hills the best in the nation.

Adelaide city overhead view

It’s been called one of the world’s top regions by Lonely Planet, and for years international visitors to South Australia have immersed themselves in the renewed energy of a city in transformation and regions brimming with unique experiences.

Now the state is also garnering recognition from its neighbouring states and territories, with a national survey confirming that Adelaide’s Central and Hills districts are the most liveable metropolitan areas in the country.

The Life in Australia 2020 Liveability Index, co-ordinated by global market research firm Ipsos, awarded Adelaide Central and Hills high ratings  for factors such as safety, access to the environment and recreation. The districts are the only areas in the country to rate as above average across all 16 liveability measures, which also include high-quality health services, reliable and efficient public transport, good job prospects, affordable housing and a strong sense of community.

More than 14,010 interviews were carried out between July 6 and 31 last year for the survey.

“It’s really focused at helping to inform people and give a sense of how the places they live in are performing compared to the rest of Australia, and what the strengths and weaknesses are,” Ipsos public affairs director Stuart Clark says.

Adelaide’s western, southern and northern areas ranked 15th, 16th and 26th respectively out of the 42 metropolitan survey divisions, with Sydney’s south-west coming in last place.

“The survey doesn’t go into a lot of diagnostic understanding in terms of why people are enjoying their life more in specific areas,” Clark says.

“But we might like to speculate that Adelaide and the Hills have a lot of outdoor space and greenery; 2020 was the year of COVID and lockdowns, so it might have been a case of people getting out and enjoying that space Adelaide perhaps has more than other cities in Australia.

“But when you look at what people find most important in their local areas, feeling safe is really important, having affordable, decent housing is really important, quality healthcare and reliable transport to get to work and get around the city are other top things. And access to the natural environment comes in at no.5, which is really consistent with what we’ve seen in other years.”

Adelaide’s burgeoning reputation for providing jobs of the future – courtesy of its creative industries and bio-medical precincts, as well as Lot Fourteen’s

high-growth industry sectors such as space, cyber and defence – is another plus.

Being the only metropolitan location in Australia to record above average results across all 16 liveability measures, it’s little wonder Adelaide Central and the Hills are catching the attention of many Australians looking for a better standard of living and quality of life.

Sourced from Future Adelaide