On 28 November, solar alone delivered 110.6 per cent of South Australia’s state demand at 10:40 am, smashing the previous record of 104.8 per cent set in early October, and also posted a record output of 1304.7 MW at 1 pm on the same day.

According to Geoff Eldridge of NEMLog, South Australia also averaged 100 per cent of local demand met by just wind and solar over a 93-hour period stretching from late Wednesday 24 November to early evening on Sunday 28 November. That too is a record for any gigawatt scale grid in the world.

The records are tumbling because the Australian Energy Market Operator has dialled back the amount of gas generation it needs to keep the grid secure when there are large amounts of wind and solar.

That’s because 4 new spinning machines known as synchronous condensers have been commissioned, which provide “system strength” and other services without burning fuel.

It means that up to 2,500 MW of wind and solar can be supported with as few as 2 gas generating units operating – usually at a combined capacity of just 80 MW. On 28 November, another record to fall was the minimum share of gas in the state grid – just 4.4 per cent.

Sourced from Renew Economy’s webiste: Solar reaches 110 per cent of South Australia demand as more records tumble