Stuart Nutting

South Australia is doubling its efforts to create business opportunities within the Americas following the appointment of Regional Director, Stuart Nutting, who brings with him a wealth of investment expertise.

Currently based in New York, Mr Nutting is keen to increase the opportunities for foreign direct investment from the region.

Minister for Trade and Investment Stephen Patterson said Stuart Nutting’s investment background will provide a great addition to South Australia’s drive to increase trade and investment links with the US.

“The US region is our state’s largest foreign direct investor and we have a number of companies based in South Australia from the region, including Boeing, Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, Dell and Wyndham Hotels,” Minister Patterson said.

“Stuart has 25-years’ investment experience, including working as Executive Director with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, UBS Investment Bank and more recently, working for Global Public Offering Fund (GPO Fund).

“His background means he brings not only global capital markets relationships and domain expertise, but also a deep understanding of capital rising challenges and opportunities that can be leveraged by South Australian startups and scaleups looking to the US market.”

“The appointment of the Regional Director for the Americas will provide significant opportunities for companies looking to invest in South Australia.

“Foreign direct investment into South Australia has created 11,456 jobs and contributed nearly $7.1 billion to the state’s economy since 2003 and it’s going to be great to build on that.”

Mr Nutting said space, medical technology, data and analytics are all important sectors for South Australia and will drive future jobs.

“These sectors will help tie the economy to long-term secular growth trends, making for a more robust and sustainable growth pathway,” Mr Nutting said.

“The most exciting part is the fact that South Australia has so much to offer to the Americas in terms of attracting capital, highlighting the state’s capability and the opportunities available.

“Something the South Australian Government does really well, is work in partnership with industry to bring critical new economy to the region.”

Co-located with Austrade in New York, Stuart believes this will be valuable in working closely with colleagues on the national level in-market.

Rasa Buckley, General Manager of the American Chamber of Commerce, welcomes the appointment of Stuart Nutting to the position of Regional Director, Americas.

“The US is Australia’s and South Australia’s largest economic partner. US investment in the state includes research and development that drives productivity growth, jobs, and innovation; as we emerge from the immediate impacts of COVID-19 and shift the focus to rebuilding our economy; trade and investment with the US will be essential to our recovery. Stuart’s appointment in-market will help integrate and grow further business collaborations for South Australia and the Chamber looks forward to working with him.”

For further information about investment opportunities between South Australia and the Americas, contact Stuart Nutting, Regional Director the Americas via email stuart.nutting@austrade.gov.au

Sourced from the Premier of South Australia’s website: South Australia bolsters its presence in the United States

Pictured is Stuart Nutting.