Two new AgTech start-up hubs will open in South Australia’s South East and on the Eyre Peninsula as part of the state government’s $7.6 million AgTech program.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham announced the new start-up hubs at the AdvanceAg conference.

The hubs are another initiative to grow more grains, meat, milk, wool, fruit and veg by enhancing the adoption of agricultural technology by farmers across the state.

Minister Basham said increased AgTech adoption across South Australia could lead to an extra $2.6 billion value in agricultural production per year.

"We know that increasing the use of AgTech on-farm and throughout the supply chain will be a boon for the whole state with our farmers growing more food and profitability," Minister Basham said.

"AgTech – which can include sensors, farm management software, imagery, smart farm equipment and genomics – enables agribusiness to innovate, grow and adopt more efficient practices.

"In the South East, the start-up hub will use the Struan Research Centre and Struan and Kybybolite Best Practice Demonstration Farms as focal points for development and commercialisation of AgTech that supports livestock and grazing systems.

"The Eyre Peninsula start-up hub will utilise the Minnipa Agricultural Centre and Farm as a focal point for development and commercialisation of AgTech that supports broad-acre cropping and sheep production systems.

"The new start-up hubs will specifically support entrepreneurs in developing innovative technology capabilities so they can help farmers solve critical agricultural industry challenges."

Expressions of interest are now being sought from AgTech entrepreneurs who would like help to develop and commercialise their ideas.

Find out more or register your interest to be involved in the start-up hubs.

Sourced from the Department of Primary Industries and Regions website: Start-up hubs giving AgTech a regional boost