The State Government is delivering a further $820,000 of grants to venues and artists to support South Australia’s live music scene through what will be another challenging year.

man playing musical instrument

Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni said funding through the South Australian Government’s Music Development Office (MDO) is providing a much-needed injection of funds to boost jobs in the sector which has been hard hit by COVID-19.

“Live music is a deeply woven, central part of South Australia’s cultural fabric, providing the opportunity for a great night out for patrons and income and opportunity for the artists and venues,” said Minister Pisoni.

“The opening of the Fringe next week highlights the value of the State Government’s investment in keeping local venues alive.

“There’s no doubt that restrictions on the number of punters permitted in venues, on dancing and on drinking have impacted on the ability of musicians and venues to make ends meet.

“The good news is our outstanding success in containing COVID-19 has enabled a return to a level of normality that has made South Australia a leader in easing restrictions nationally and internationally.

“Grants of up to $25,000 have been awarded to 28 metropolitan and regional venues that host live music as a reimbursement of the cost of hiring musicians, sound and lighting technicians.

“Among the successful recipients are: the Wheatsheaf Hotel, the Grace Emily, Jive, Sugar, Hotel Metro, Coopers Alehouse at Wallaroo, the Barn at Wombat Flat.

“In addition, 15 artists and 17 music businesses have received up to $15,000 to continue their artistic development and help sustain businesses in the contemporary music sector.

“Some of the recipients of this second round of grants include Kiah Gossner, Farhan Shah, Bad//Dreems, Sunny Side Uploads, Girl’s Rock, 27 Music, Balya Productions and Fat Controller.

“The State Government’s $820,000 investment builds on the initial $1 million package that was delivered when the pandemic first struck in 2020.

“Live music makes a significant contribution to our economy, cultural vibrancy and general wellbeing and the $1.82 million investment forms part of the State Government’s broader $10.2 million Arts Recovery Package.

The Wheatsheaf Hotel publican Jade Flavell said: “We welcome this announcement of support for SA’s live music sector. Established, dedicated, bricks-and-mortar venues, of all shapes and sizes, are the backbone of live music in South Australia, and we can’t afford to lose them.

“While venues are operating with capacity restrictions and ongoing uncertainty, this targeted support will help us continue to do what we do best; provide a stage, a wage and an audience for live music in SA,” Ms Flavell said.

Farhan Shah, a recipient of one of the Music Development Office Project Support Grants, said “Grants are the life blood for building strong heritage and cultural assets, which remain alive for generations. The sign of a developed, happy, and progressive society is when artists are able to express their art without succumbing to economic pressures.

“I’m so excited to have this support from the Music Development Office to bring my music from Adelaide to the world. I made Adelaide my home just a couple of years ago and I feel so welcome here, and I love to share my music with Australian audiences,” Farhan Shah said.

South Australia has a fantastic roll call of musicians and bands that have emerged from our contemporary music scene since the 1960s with the Master Apprentices, Cold Chisel, the Angels, Paul Kelly, Guy Sabastian, Sia and the Hilltop Hoods just some of names to emerge from our state.

For the full list of recipients for the MDO Project Support Grants and the Live Music Venue Grants visit mdo.sa.gov.au

Sourced from the Premier of South Australia’s website: Tuning up our live music sector