Tonsley welcomes Western Air as the first private business to set up offices at the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library, based at Tonsley Innovation District.

Tonsley Innovation District State Drill Core Reference Library

Western Air’s move to the Department for Energy and Mining’s Drill Core Library represents a new and exciting chapter for the South Australian company as it continues to unlock mineral exploration opportunities and the wider potential of the mineral resource sector in South Australia and around the world.

Known as one of the most advanced drill core libraries in the world, South Australia’s state-of-the-art Drill Core Library hosts geological samples recovered from 130 years of mineral and energy exploration. These irreplaceable samples represent valuable direct records of the geological materials retrieved from the depths of the crust. They will continue to be investigated and analysed by new generations of geologists in industry, research, education and government to expand our current knowledge about the rich mineral resources hidden beneath the land surface of South Australia.

For more than 40 years, Western Air has pioneered portable air compressor units for drilling rigs, which are essential for the exploration of minerals, oil and gas, both locally and internationally.

Western Air Managing Partner Gary Algate said collaborating with the Department for Energy and Mining and establishing an office at the Drill Core Library created a natural partnership with the mining industry.

“The South Australia Drill Core Reference Library recognises the state’s rich mining and resources sector’s history, and the role it plays in mineral exploration internationally. By being located here, we can create stronger partnerships with companies undertaking mineral exploration development and support them as they build a stronger resources industry into the future,” Mr Algate said.

“With Western Air and the Drill Core Library operating under the one roof, united by their common goal to advance mineral discovery, the mining industry will have a single resource in technology and education,” said Philipp Dautel, Precinct Director of Tonsley Innovation District.

Department for Energy and Mining Director, Geological Survey of South Australia, Rohan Cobcroft, said having Western Air working from the Drill Core Library would help build on the precinct’s reputation as a new venue hosting companies looking to expand in South Australia and support innovation.

“Hosting private sector companies at the library enables the development of new technology and concepts that serve to improve the outcomes for the exploration sector, which is another way that the Department can support industry growth and innovation,” Mr Cobcroft said.

Sourced from the Tonsley Innovation District website: Western Air opens new office at the South Australian Drill Core Reference Library in Tonsley