South Australia’s natural environment - our productive and rich earth, precious water resources and marine and fishing resources - not only make our state a great place to live but underpin our drive for increased economic growth.

The global move towards ‘clean and green’ products, the world-wide climate-transition, a record level of tourists looking for new experiences and shifts in international and national waste policy, provide South Australia with new opportunities to drive our state’s growth.

Our iconic wine regions, unique wildlife, pristine marine and fisheries resources, and rich mineral and energy resources are just some of our state’s environmental assets that are essential to our export sectors. By investing in our natural assets, we invest in our export economy – while making South Australia more liveable and sustainable.

Adelaide SA one of 10 great wine capitals of the world, Great Wine Capitals Global Network 201947% of energy generated in SA is from renewable resources, AEMOS South Australian Electricity Report 2018$7.6B visitor economy - National Visitor Survey June 2019

Driving growth

The South Australian Government is already at work, together with industry, to drive economic prosperity and support business growth in our state.

In progress