To accelerate growth, we need more businesses exporting and selling to markets outside of South Australia. Lifting private sector investment from both inside and outside the state is essential for economic growth and to improve business competitiveness.

While the state’s exports are growing in value, we have relatively few businesses exporting, and our share of Australian exports has been declining.

South Australia is well placed to take advantage of the opportunities the growing markets of Asia and other regions offer, but it requires concerted effort from industry and government. Business needs to have the confidence to take risks – on new markets, new products, and new production/delivery methods, and government needs to reduce barriers to investment in the state and to promote South Australia to the world.

Most Competitive City in Australia, 2016 KPMG Competitive Alternatives biennial reportTop 20 easiest economy to do business in out of 190 economies, World Bank Ease of Doing Business Report 2019

Driving growth

The South Australian Government is already at work, together with industry, to drive economic prosperity and support business growth in our state.

In progress

  • November 2019

    A world-wide call for geologists and data scientists to uncover new exploration targets in the state’s Gawler Craton region.

    Using the Geological Survey of South Australia’s historical records, primary data and research, the competition combines geological expertise with new mathematical, machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase the number of potential drill targets across central South Australia.

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  • November 2019

    Export training program that will integrate online resources, face-to-face delivery in both the city and the regions and tailored mentoring to maximise benefits to participants.

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  • November 2019

    Export program that will target businesses with the most potential to become South Australia’s next global leaders and assist them build export capacity.

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  • November 2019

    Creation of a new digital one-stop-shop for investment attraction and acceleration.

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  • December 2019

    The South Australian Government business mission calendar presents a sectorial focused program that offers targeted activities for businesses to participate in. Activities are supported in-country through the government’s overseas representatives and through the established international trade and investment office network.

  • November 2019

    Trade and investment offices in new locations (Houston, USA; Dubai, UAE; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) are being established in markets of importance to South Australia to increase the state’s engagement, opportunities for collaboration, business, investment and jobs.

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  • September 2019

    Delivering the Hydrogen Export Modelling, Tool and Prospectus for South Australia’s hydrogen export supply chain.

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  • Completed

  • October 2020

    The industry-led plan to grow South Australia’s health and medical industries sector was launched, setting out a clear roadmap to grow the industry to $5 billion by 2030.

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  • October 2020

    The industry-led plan to grow South Australia’s food, wine and agribusiness sector plan was launched, setting a clear roadmap to grow the industry to $23 billion by 2030.

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  • May 2020

    South Australia’s games industry has been given a boost with an extension to the existing Post-Production, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) Rebate to video game development.

    The PDV extension is a 10 per cent rebate on qualifying production expenditure in South Australia and is aimed at further growing the Creative Industries sector.

    The move will drive jobs growth and attract international investment to South Australia in a sector worth $180 billion globally, larger than the film and music industries combined.

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  • September 2019

    The Hydrogen Action plan sets out twenty actions across five key areas to help scale-up renewable hydrogen production for export and domestic consumption.

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    Visit the Renewables SA website.

  • June 2019

    The outbound and inbound business missions and activities calendar is released, providing businesses in the priority economic growth sectors with the opportunity to build international connections, trusted relationships and collaborative partnerships, while enabling access to foreign investment opportunities, thereby securing in-market distributors and/or importers and providing a chance to grow business within the market.

  • May 2019

    In the 2019-20 State Budget an additional $30 million was committed to marketing South Australia, building on the $10 million committed in the 2018-19 budget and a $3 million contribution from the Economic and Business Growth Fund. This commitment will further the acceleration of SA's fast growing visitor economy, which reached $7.6 billion in the September 2019 quarter.

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  • April 2019

    The state government commits $75,000 towards Vinehealth Australia's digital biosecurity platform, which provides real-time data on South Australian vineyards to further strengthen South Australia's phylloxera-free status.

  • March 2019

    The state government announced a $7.5 million Economic and Business Growth Fund contribution to support industry productivity and strengthen biosecurity in the red meat and wool sectors over the next three years, beginning July 2019.

    This funding complements the aims of the Beef and Sheep Industry Blueprints, which highlight opportunities for South Australia to increase farmgate returns and market access.

    The funding will focus on three areas:

    1. Improving productivity
      In partnership with industry, private sector and universities, the South Australian Government will consolidate extension programs, demonstrating the value of business planning and data-based decision making to building industry resilience to adverse events.
    2. Installing infrastructure
      Funding will stimulate industry and private sector investment in installation of individual animal identification readers and systems for sheep in key sale yards, meat processing facilities and on-farm. The use of this technology will demonstrate benefits to traceability and productivity, accelerating adoption of individual animal identification.
    3. Enhancing market access
      Funds will be invested in the South Australian Government’s One Biosecurity program, to enhance both the online system and assist in industry take-up.

    Learn more on the Primary Industries and Resources SA website.

  • March 2019

    Financed by the Economic and Business Growth Fund, the South Australian Landing Pad offers international entrepreneurs up to $80,000 over 12 months to help cover the business accommodation and professional services costs of setting up in SA.

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  • From 1 January 2019 the state government abolished payroll tax for the state’s 3,200 businesses with taxable payrolls of up to $1.5 million. This important tax cut is part of a suite of reform measures designed to stimulate economic growth and investment.

    The Payroll Tax (Exemption for Small Business) Amendment Bill 2018 lifts the annual taxable wages threshold from $600,000 to $1.5 million.

    A further 400 businesses with payrolls between $1.5 million and $1.7 million will receive a welcome reduction in the amount of payroll tax they are required to pay through a phased-in approach.

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  • December 2018

    Bringing the Defence Landing Pad, SmartSat CRC, Mission Control and the Space Discovery Centre to Lot Fourteen. These developments represent a total investment close to $300 million, positioning South Australia to help triple the size of Australia’s space economy by 2030.

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  • November 2018

    The state government has established a global network and is looking to expand its overseas representation and establish a new office in China (Shanghai), Japan, United States of America, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates.

    8 March 2019

    Trade and Investment office opens in Australian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.

    6 November 2018

    Australian Trade and Investment office opens in Shanghai, China.

  • October 2018

    The Defence Landing Pad, to be located at Lot Fourteen, announced as a home for global companies to develop their Australian business strategy and plan local operations.

  • October 2018

    The South Australian Productivity Commission was established to examine and make recommendations on matters referred to it by government that facilitate productivity, growth, unlock new economic opportunities, support job creation and remove existing regulatory barriers.

    November 2018

    Dr Matthew Butlin appointed as inaugural chair of the South Australian Productivity Commission.

  • August 2018

    The South Australia Export Accelerator grant launched to assist businesses to participate in international trade shows and business missions, produce marketing collateral, conduct market research, e-commerce development, export training and consultation and contribute to travel and accommodation costs, and ultimately take their products to new markets.

  • November 2019

    Regional Growth Fund unlocks $14.6m investment

    Regional areas will enjoy a wider variety of food and drink experiences, better water and cycling infrastructure, and diverse tourism opportunities thanks to the latest $5 million Regional Growth Fund competitive grant program, which is expected to create more than 160 jobs.

    July 2019

    The 2019-20 RGF competitive funding round opens with submissions accepted from local government bodies, incorporated associations and business clusters. Applications close Friday 9 August 2019.

    March 2019

    Lot 100 Beverage Collaborative granted up to $400,000 from the Regional Growth Fund to increase production capacity across craft spirits, beer and cider production, and optimise the facility for production, transport and distribution.

    July 2018

    The 2018-19 RGF competitive funding round opens, with funding available for regional development initiatives from $50,000 up to $2 million on a matched dollar for dollar basis, with applications to be assessed by a panel led by an independent chair.

    June 2018

    State government launches the $150 million Regional Growth Fund (RGF) to bolster South Australia’s regional economy and support job growth.

  • May 2018

    The government significantly reduced Emergency Services Levy bills for fixed properties.

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  • 16 July 2019

    State government contributes $480,000 from the fund to support Sony Interactive Entertainment to set up in Adelaide, bringing investment from the international gaming and entertainment giant to SA along with 32 new local engineering jobs.

    24 March 2019

    State government invests $7.5 million in South Australia’s red meat sector in a bid to grow productivity in the industry and further strengthen biosecurity through technology adoption.

    18 March 2019

    The fund contributes $6 million in the SA Film Corporation’s Screen Production Investment Fund, charged with  helping grow the industry and create jobs through the of financing local and international film projects, to secure local production of Mortal Kombat, the biggest movie project to be produced in South Australia.

    21 March 2018

    Four million dollars is invested in the South Australian Landing Pad, an initiative designed to lure scale up and start up businesses to SA by offering global entrepreneurs up to $80,000 over 12 months to help cover business accommodation and professional services costs.