Our Premier’s vision for the state

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Transforming South Australia into the Growth State is a driving focus for the State Government as it seeks broad based business collaboration to create more jobs, investment and economic opportunity for the future.

The opportunity

A South Australian economy growing at an annual rate of three percent will bring our state back into line with other parts of Australia that have outperformed and outgrown us over the past 20 years. It will provide a foundation for more prosperity for South Australians and for achieving even higher growth in the longer term so that we match our enviable lifestyle with a strong economy.

Industries and businesses must continue to do the heavy lifting and the government will encourage them to do so by providing much more effective cooperation and support.  We need to equip our businesses with tools and the confidence to grow their operations, create jobs and sell their products on the world stage.

Many are already doing it, but more need to join them.

Growth State is the partnership that will ensure this happens.

Most competitive city in Australia, KPMG 2016 Competitive Alternatives Biennial Report